The study will deal with the analysis of symbolic and interpretative mechanisms of the formation of historical memory in its interrelationship with the Armenian national identity. The scientific international team proposes to consider historical memory as a special mechanism for the preservation, processing, and transmission of important social information. It is assumed that the components and factors that make up the national identity can function only by acquiring meaning and symbolic significance and forming a coherent discourse explaining what is a nation, what is its purpose, what are its unifying ideas about the past, present, and future.

Project novelty

The academic novelty of the project lies in a fundamentally new approach to understanding and describing historical memory — considering it not as an archive of documents or narratives, but as a dynamic information and communication process.

Our approach

The research program envisages the study of ways of actualization of historical events in the primary narratives. Theoretical and practical analysis of the meta-concepts of "nation", "hero", “we-they”, “enemy”, "time", "history", "reliability" will be performed in the Armenian epic, in the monuments of historiography and political discourse.

Project news